About Us

What is Collective Womb?

Collective Womb was birthed to empower, connect and nourish women in their natural cycles through herbal alchemy and self-care.  We wish for this journey to be one of the ways you create a deeper connection with your womb and self, one of embracing the divine feminine, reclaiming and amplifying your feminine power. Our menstrual cycle is a gateway into ourselves, a divine gift, a pathway home. 

This practice of deep presence with your body,  is a loving invitation to experience this wisdom and source energy that is always available to you. 

Although Collective Womb was birthed to empower, support and connect women to their natural menstrual cycles, this space & these products are for anyone who feels called to explore womb work. We hold the utmost respect and the importance of healing between all genders & non-binary people. 

Our womb isn’t just a physical organ, it encompasses the entire energetic region. If you were born without a uterus, this journey can support you to connect with your energetic womb and if your uterus has been removed in surgery,  our products can aid in releasing energetic or emotional trauma that may have been stored in the body from the surgery. 

We honor and support each journey as it is, unique. 


My Commitment to You​

Wherever you are in your womb and body wisdom journey, I am here to support you in creating a sacred relationship with your womb or energetic womb space. When we begin this journey of deep presence with our bodies,  we are able to access our deep inner knowing and remembering of our cyclical nature.  

“I dream of a world where women believe in their inherent power and worth, unleash their creative genius and lead with heart, compassion and purpose.”