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Nurtured Wild

Simone Jacobs

Nurtured Wild was born from a deep respect for the beautiful and sometimes challenging transitions through life. Teenagers blossoming, Maidens birthing themselves as mothers and Mothers journeying towards menopause. Teen yoga is a space for young women transitioning through menarche and finding their flow in life. Fostering a deep love for themselves and respect for their bodies, while learning how to hold space for others. Prenatal yoga harnesses the power of intuition and a strong trust in the female body. A space to be held by fellow mamas, flow with baby and strengthen the mind / body connection, while always coming back to the breath. Experiencing movement and tools that prepare us for ALL birthing choices and postpartum care. Bringing about a sense of power, knowing and surrendering during this intimate journey to motherhood. Feminine flow yoga is guided by the beat of our own drum. It’s a letting go of what we’ve been told to be and truly listening to what we are needing. Moving from a state of doing into a state of being, the best place for our bodies to rest, digest and reproduce. Learning to harness and maintain the powerful connection between the heart, womb and mother earth. Honouring you and all that you are. Hoping that you always feel loved, held and heard. May you experience the power of community and see the beauty in each woman journeying alongside you, while having a deep belonging and sense of connection to everything that surrounds you. VIEW SERVICES